Handmade Cards

Handmade cards! Why choose them over anything else

Handmade cards have no comparison. Today we come across many gifts that are mass produced by machine, the production is massive enough to meet the demand globally, there are even e-greeting cards available on various websites which you can send in just a click

But there is something different about handmade cards, well we don’t buy it the same way, or even receive it the same way because it has that emotional touch, the love which a machine made doesn’t.

I bet you can never throw away a Handmade Card gifted by someone!!

And that is because you feel loved everytime you see it, and reopen the box of memories that are cherished forever and ever…

There is a perfection of imperfection, they can not be duplicated and are made with manual efforts, love, honesty, and respect and that is why we have another corner for these cards.


Why Are Handmade cards so special?


#1 Handmade cards are crafted with love

Handmade cards
Handmade cards

The artist who makes handmade products put their souls into every product they produce. It means a lot when somebody sends you a card made by hand and it is definitely worth more than an email or e-greeting to you. They are specially made for you and the handwritten message is just like a cherry on the cake.

I gave a handmade card to my mom on her birthday and she hugged me saying it is the Best gift she has ever received.


#2 Handmade cards are like Memory Basket!!

Handmade cards
Handmade cards

When you give a handmade gift, you add the captured memories, write down the gossips you have shared and relive every moment you have either spent together or the times when you have missed them. it is a treasure that is to be kept forever. Because it is your story and NO one can write it better.

Handmade gifts are just like Whiskeys the older they are, the better they get 😉


#3 They are becoming a new form of Luxury!!!

Handmade cards
Handmade cards

The artists who create the handmade cards understands the value of making the product with ‘Highest Quality’. They are not like the Machine – made cheap Chinese produced products. And so people are now switching to Handmade cards or personalized gifts. Handmade are not the products for masses but for the Classes!


#4 Handmade cards are one of a kind. They are Unique.

Handmade Cards
Handmade cards

This feature is just priceless… No two handmade products can be made exactly alike, even if they are made by same craftsperson or artist. There will always be a difference may it be of color, size, print, design anything and that sets them at par and gives them the Uniquicity they deserve.


#5 Handmade cards: They are made specially & only for YOU.

Handmade cards
Handmade cards

The BEST thing about Handmade Cards is that they are made only and only for you. It gives the receiver a feeling of importance and Trust me! The receiver may handover other gifts to someone else, But this, this they gonna keep with themselves forever and see them again and again because they’ll just love the moment they are into.

You can get your cards customized for any occasion may it be a Birthday, Marriage Anniversary, Bid Adieu – Farewell, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Baby shower gift, Valentines Day, or just to relive the moments and make your someone feel really, really special.

Click on the pictures to have glimpse of the video and Yeah you can buy them here


Thank you! for reading this article, I hope this post helped to decide what gift would be the best for your best peoples upcoming birthday… Do like and share the post, Stay updated and Stay Tuned there is a lot to come!


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